7th Edition of Cyber Secure Pakistan to be Held in Islamabad

The 7th Edition of Cyber Secure Pakistan is happening on March 12, 2019, in National Library Islamabad.

Crime and security are concepts working hand-in-hand in law enforcement. The two are inversely proportional, if one increases, the other will decrease. The same applies within the spheres of the digital world like the internet, financial technologies (Fintech), regulatory technologies (Regtech) and information paradigms.

After the implementation of The Prevention of Electronic Crime Act 2016 in Pakistan, the line differentiating crime and security have been blurred and have had a major impact on working relationships of related organizations.

As Pakistan Information Security Association (PISA) is observing industry practices for more than a decade, this has led them to hold the 7th Edition of Cyber Secure Pakistan with the theme of “Cyber Crime vs Cyber Security – A dialogue to clear the blur”.

In previous years, Cyber Secure Pakistan has been a mega success and all credit goes to the honorable guests, distinguished speakers, panelists and motivated participants who put in rigorous efforts in making wonderful content.

This conference has been attended by more than 3,000 delegates from across the country and abroad. The basic purpose or motive behind this conference has been to educate and inform professionals working in different industries against the ever increasing threat of cyber crimes and security breaches.

This Edition will include tech talks by industry experts from Pakistan and abroad. Two discussions will be held at the conference, one of them is technical and the other is at a policy level. The first panel will discuss and build a dialogue about that blur which has been developed over the period especially after PECA2016.

This will be an effort to remove this blur and clarify that crime prevention is more important than criminal punishment. The second panel will discuss the role and functionality of suggested National CERT (Cyber Emergency Response Team) within our national economy.

PISA, in collaboration with other stakeholders, made an effort during 2013-14 under the banner of Cyber Security Task Force mandated by Senate Committee for Defense and Defense Production to make and draft the national cybersecurity law, policy, and strategy.

The work had been completed by the said Task Force and the mentioned Bill is pending in Senate for approval. PISA is hopeful that soon this Bill will be passed and we will have a national-level cybersecurity law and functioning National CERT.

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