Google is Getting Ready to Launch a Foldable Phone

After Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Motorola, Google has also decided to join the race and introduce its first foldable phone.

Jumping into the trend, Google has published its patent application that shows a foldable phone with a simpler design as compared to previously introduces smartphones.

The patent shows that the phone will have a single inward fold. The fold will have a certain space in between two sides at the hinge and will be bent at the minimum required radius, which is necessary based on the folding technology available. This is somewhat similar to the Microsoft surface book.

At this time, it is not quite possible to predict when the device will come to the market but with Google, we can expect a hurried foldable phone release.

However, the first patent almost never indicates how the final design will be. So, don’t wrap your mind around this as the final design.

  • Google initiative always welcoming, but it should not create its own competetion. Google patents should be free for any developer to brand the product from the free patent on the OS. This would be broadly the objective to feed nuture technology under google banner. Regards

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