Trademor: Helping Pakistani Businesses Flourish on

If you didn’t already know, is the largest business-to-business (B2B) trade platform in the world.

Founded by the shrewd and now-startup celebrity – Jack Ma – in 1999, had humble beginnings but now hosts over 2 million shops from over 40 industries, allowing businesses to supply and sell to upwards of 190 countries with more than 160 million worldwide buyers—a number that’s only grown rapidly since it was recorded in 2016.

Big Numbers for Better Business

If a business hopes to grow as a wholesale supplier or manufacturer, perhaps the best move it can make is to find a presence on And the numbers are especially good for suppliers, with the site boasting an excellent supplier-to-buyer ratio and hosting over 20 million buyers each from places like the US and Russia.

Another important fact to consider is that sellers do not need to wait for buyers to look them up; sellers can search for buyers and make offers or bid on RFQs—but more on that later.

Pakistan: Sleeping on Vast Opportunity

Given Pakistan’s long-standing manufacturing industry that’s known for its quality, Pakistanis in the manufacturing business have a lot to gain from expanding their market through, especially considering that many commodities that Pakistan produces are popular on the platform like apparel, sports & entertainment goods, beauty & personal care products, food & beverages, health & medical equipment, and gifts & crafts.

Easy, Robust Growth

Functionally, is similar to many other e-commerce platforms: sellers establish their shops and list products, while buyers are able to search for them. Additionally, since the platform is geared towards a B2B, wholesale model, buyers can initiate requests for quotation (RFQs), which are specific order requirements that sellers can bid on with quotations.

This entire process is well integrated and made seamless thanks to’s state-of-the-art engineering and development. Even Better with Global Gold Supplier (GGS) Membership

While is free to join for both buyers and sellers, it is only with the Global Gold Supplier membership that sellers can unlock the true potential of the platform. The site’s statistics show that over 85% of buyers prefer doing business with GGS members only, which makes the decision clear for any ambitious seller.

GGS provides a host of benefits:

  • More potential orders
  • More order inquiries
  • More buyer clicks
  • Higher product exposure
  • Higher search rankings
  • Unlimited product postings
  • Customized store website design
  • More buyer trust with GGS verification

Apart from these, being a GGS member also unlocks the ability to bid on RFQs and allows sellers to showcase certain products, which can be trending or high-selling, to attract more buyers.

Trademor: Helping Pakistani Businesses Flourish

In Pakistan, Trademor is an official Channel Partner that helps businesses expand on to the platform, and offers them the Global Gold Supplier membership. With Trademor, not only can a business avail GGS, but it can also gain access to the necessary technical support and training through the company, along with many value-added services like customized store website development, product photography, and on-site SEO.

Through Trademor, aside from these benefits, businesses can avail promotions which are offered exclusively through Channel Partners. Trademor works with business throughout the duration of the GGS membership, which can be renewed yearly.

The manufacturing business in Pakistan has been up and running for a long time, but it has not fully adapted to the 21st century. With and Trademor’s help, these businesses can capture a vast market well beyond what was conventionally possible—and in doing so, not only can they increase their own profits, but help boost Pakistan’s economy as well.

If your business is looking to increase exports, grow rapidly, and find more clients, get in touch with Trademor at [email protected] or call/leave a message at 0303-5552222.

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