Steel Mill Owner Arrested for Gas Theft Worth Rs. 480 Million

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), on Thursday, raided Yaqoob Steel Mills on main Sheikhupura Road, Lahore and unearthed a major gas theft of millions of Rupees every month.

During the raid, FIA found that the local staff of the Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) was also involved in the gas theft that amounts to Rs. 480 million.

The agency also arrested the owner of Yaqoob Steel, and a case was registered against him and the employees of SNGPL involved in the theft.

Punjab FIA’s Director Muhammad Waqar Abbasi said that the raid was in line with the government’s crackdown against gas and electricity theft across the country and was conducted on a tip-off. During the raid, they found out that a two-inch diameter bypass was made, in connivance with the SNGPL staff, which was directly fitted with the 18-inch wide main supply line.

He said the mill owner appeared to be a habitual offender as he was previously caught red-handed for stealing gas in 2017.

The top official termed this operation as a major breakthrough in the ongoing crackdown against energy theft.

“Since the federal government has ordered a full-fledged crackdown to control gas and electricity theft in the country, the FIA officers are conducting raids on a daily basis to unearth theft and arrest the accused persons,” says Waqar Abbasi.

He also appealed to the public to assist FIA in identifying the gas and electricity thieves to minimize the losses of the national exchequer.

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