OGRA Chairperson Hints at a 75-80% Increase in Gas Prices

Chairperson Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), Uzma Adil Khan has dropped another bomb on the masses as she announced that a 75-80% hike in gas prices is inevitable.

Talking to the media, Uzma said that gas prices haven’t increased in the past few years. The new rates will come into effect from July 1.

She further told that the gas utilities are facing a widening gap between the sale and purchase prices. She attributed the hike to the depreciation of rupee against dollar.

Answering a question on the rumors surrounding bankruptcy of SNGPL, she asserted that the government will not let that happen and that there is no chance of any such happening.


When asked about overbilling in winter last year, Uzma said that the responsible people will soon be identified by the Prime Minister’s committee and that the customers will be refunded. The pressure factor and fourth billing slab led to increased bills for certain customers, she added.

The public hearing of OGRA at a local hotel in Lahore was attended by representatives from all relevant stakeholders. Different companies, including SNGPL, presented the reasons behind their demand for a gas tariff hike.

APCNGA leader, Ghiyas Paracha told that gas worth Rs. 48 billion is being stolen in the country. Officials in Karak are responsible for 93% of the stolen gas, he informed.

He added that SNGPL’s demand for increasing prices by Rs. 111 per MMBtu in LNG and Rs. 723 per MMBtu in gas tariff will be borne by the consumers. He also suggested that the payments be made in Rupees and not in Dollars for post-terminal expenses.

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