PTCL Upgrades 13 More Exchanges in 7 Cities

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has transformed 13 more exchanges in 7 cities as part of its Network Transformation Project (NTP).

The upgraded exchanges include Ghakhar, Vaniawala and Pasroor Road exchanges in Gujranwala, Shahdara, Egerton Road and Bahria Town exchanges in Lahore, Chaklala & Islamabad Town exchanges in Islamabad, Charsadda Road & Cantt. exchanges in Peshawar, Sargodha Road exchange in Faisalabad, Wah Cantt. exchange in Rawalpindi and Kharian exchange in Kharian.

Through PTCL’s new network, customers can experience a faster and more reliable internet based on the company’s enhanced copper network, along with a new fiber network. The upgraded exchanges under NTP have already resulted in a 40% reduction of customer complaints.

Jahanzeb Taj, Chief Business Operating Officer, PTCL, said,

Under NTP, PTCL has invested considerably in transforming and upgrading its top 100 exchanges, which have the highest number of customers in major cities. As a result, customers can now experience a quality network that offers high speed unlimited internet, state-of-the-art technology, seamless surfing and unlimited data streaming, all of which is vital in today’s digitally connected world.

PTCL customers can view the upgraded exchanges through company’s official website and subscribe to 8, 15, 25, 50 and 100 Mbps unlimited internet packages offered in transformed exchanges with free PTCL calls, unlimited downloads, free PTCL Smart TV & Smart TV App and a free Wi-Fi router.

The company is striving to provide better services and improved network quality to customers for a truly digital lifestyle.

    • I am using PTCL VDSL Service. its awesome. before I were not able to use 4Mb package. After my Area upgraded for VDSL services, Now I am using 15Mb packages on same wiring infrastructure. Full speed, no disconnection etc. I am happy. Even my line supports up to 100Mb. Modem sync showing this information.

      • FYI, just because your line is showing that it can support 100Mbps doesn’t mean it will support 100Mbps. In PTCL’s case when you reach the max bandwidth shown by the router the connection becomes very unstable. Your line will be fine with 75-80Mbps, maybe even 90, but it won’t achieve maximum.

  • Mr. Jahanzeb Taj CBO PTCL transformed among the 13 more cities exchanges Karachi is not shown anywhere where customers wait for G-Pon is superseded by StormFiber by CyberNet with their own landing Point at Hawkbay, Karachi provides an excellent service. Karachi demanding market G-Pon which is taken by leading ISP’s @ AKUNET other prestigious institutions. Please reply when will you provide G-Pon relief in their area where G-Pon is ready, flying.

  • Ager yeh pehaly wale he exchange maintain kar lain to bouht hy. My PTCL net is died since three days.

    • Mr. Waqas I hope you would recommend/suggest Mr. Jahanzeb Taj CBO PTCL to undertake the recommendations of the President of Pakistan for the 4th Industrial Revolution has to be understood the need for network optimisation/upgradation to comply with the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution in Pakistan. Mr. Jahanzeb Taj the PTA licensees are doing a great job for greening the infertile areas with the G-Pon technology instantly where PTCL customers are switching to better/maintained new services.

  • faltoo kee complain…
    if you’re not a ptcl user pls shut, i had copper line and 20 mbps gave 16 avg continuos, now on fiber get exact what im paying for.
    if you’re not a new exchange user, wait for it… it will take time.

    • bhai jan app ka kon sa city ha jahan per copper pe 20 mbps dera han….me ye sun k heran hura hun..idr mere city me tu copper pe 10mb se zyada ni copper line utha skta ju mjy ptcl local exchange n khud bola…kyn k copper zyada load ni utha skta tu app ka kase utha raha ha??

      • It is available in some locations. I’m using 20mbps with good results (2.4mb/s downloading) in Peshawar.

      • bhai new exchange, kabhi kabhi parh bhee lo news..har news per comment kernee walee ki batoon me na aoo.!

        im in Rawalpindi and Bahria town Rawalpindi had this since 1 year. now im on fiber gpon so 50mbps means 50 mbps.

        • Thanks for your positive comment for G-Pon in Rawalpindi. The one and only supportive to PTCL. This is not a new technology. Mr. Taj please read this comment how many user are connected with an international standard and on the reccomendation of ITU-T. I’m pursuing in Karachi Pak Capital Exchange for last one year or more. Most customers in the area switched over to G-Pon with other PTA licensees of broad-band/telephony are switching to StormFiber and very happy. PTCL is day dreaming to provide the junk with a noble advertising/marketing.

  • Still packages are very expensive. I want 50 mb up and down in 2000 PKR and that illegal taxes of GST and WHT should be remove ASAP.

  • Bad Network Old Exchange No Proper Speed Disconnectivity In Our City Chowk Azam District Layyah The Technical Department are Weeping Every Time And They Said What Can We Do If The Exchenge Os Not Upgraded By Ptcl Customers Are Angry On Technical Departments Of My City So please Up Grade It by Fiber Links Or Msack

  • They Start Upgrading Peshawar Cantt Exchange 8days ago and till this moment even after annouching publicily that upgradation is completed my whole neibourhood phones are dead and nobody is telling exact time of fix just saying we are fixing wait 72hours again and again

  • Jitna b ultra high speed broadband, fiber network advertise kr len, upload speed inki wohi bc 100KB/s ani hai. Mujy upload speed achi chahiye, ab zong use krta hun download is 10-30Mbps & Upload 20Mbps+ all the time, during peak hours download speed 4-10Mbps hoti hai. Lekin phir b ptcl se to behtr hai.

    • apney aap ko tasali dena wali baat.
      PTCL 20mbps connection will be…

      ADSL upload upto 2 mbps (default 1 mb) (ADSL problem not PTCL)
      VDSL upload up to 20 mbps.
      gpon upload up to 20 mbps.

    • Mr. Jahanzeb Taj, please review the commons from a user for the QOS on G-Pon and why technology is not promoted to the country on product merits on ITU standards. Why customers like myself suffering for years in despair. What is the obstacle. Is there any issue of recommendation from ITU, Geneva. Do consider my request for years just ignored.

  • I was using 15mbps ptcl connection but faced constant disconnection due to garbage line quality but did receive the advertised speed. My lineman told me to downgrade to 8mbps because the underground cable of exchange can’t handle high speeds because its garbage. Downgraded my connection to 8mbps, less disconnections now but i still face them. SNR margin still low but improved. It sucks i can’t even get stable connection on 8mbps.

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