The World’s First Ever 1TB MicroSD Card is Here

The world’s first ever 1TB microSD card is out and available for buying right now for $450.

SanDisk teased about it earlier this year and now it’s finally here. The new and extreme microSD card advertises 160MB/s of read and 90MB/s of write speed. In simpler terms, this means that file transferring and load times should be quite fast on this microSD card.

Though all of those high-end features are great and all, it does cost you an arm and leg for something that could easily be lost in the wash. There’s not much of a reason to buy this right now anyway unless you do a lot of 4K video recording or do all of your downloads on your phone.

There’s not a lot of Smartphones that support that much capacity on a microSD card, let alone the fact that a lot of them don’t even have a slot for it in the first place.

Yes, it’ll be cool to be the first to have a 1TB SD card, but if you’re more on saving money then the best bet is to wait until economies of scale bring down the price.

It is currently not available in the US or Pakistan yet but it won’t take long as Sandisk does have an active market here.

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