Man Supposed to be Jailed for 5 Days Was Kept There for 6 Years

A Lahore-based local court has extended an apology to a cigarette and paan shop owner who ended up spending six years in prison waiting to have his appeal granted against a five-day imprisonment ordered under the ‘Ehtram-e-Ramazan Ordinance’.

The paan vendor, Jamshed Iqbal, was imprisoned for 5 days in 2013 by a special magistrate for selling paan and other items during the fasting hours. This violated the said ordinance and led to the punishment.


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Iqbal appealed against the verdict immediately, and the appeal process took six years to complete during which the individual had to remain in jail for no reason. In his verdict, additional judge Amir Habib wrote, “The court apologizes for the delay in justice and the wrong judgment that led to imprisonment.”

He remarked, “The magistrate wasted six years of an innocent person and these six years cannot be given back to him.”

The verdict also notes that the five-day sentence was not in line with the law.

The sessions court released the accused while apologizing to him.

Via: Express Tribune

  • That’s it???? only apology is enough???? Pathetic…. All responsible people should be jailed for the same period that man has suffered in the jail…

      • aray bhai bhai bhai yae incomplete article hai.pls use you own common sense.stop depending on a single article.zaroori nahi hai kae “pro pakistani ” mein hei sahi info ho.

  • Do you really think that apology is enough? You should give him compensation for the time he wasted in jail or this is a slap on the face of justice.

  • That is the saddest news I have heard in recent time. :'( The judge could have provided him compensation through Govt. job and home. It is the least the court could have done.

  • In any other country,this man would win a massive lawsuit against the judicial system…but not here. Meanwhile, Zardari gets extended bail up till Jun15.

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