Indian Attempt to Get Pakistan Blacklisted by FATF Gets Blocked By Friendly Countries

India has made another attempt to get Pakistan blacklisted by the Financial Action Taskforce (FATF) but it has been foiled by the country’s friends.

Pakistan’s case before the FATF has strengthened as Malaysia, along with China and Turkey, has stalled the motion put forward by India to blacklist the country over money laundering and terror financing.

Now, Pakistan has the support of three nations. India has one day to put forth another motion, as the meeting of the Working Group of the international watchdog is going on in Orlando, Florida. It will continue till June 21.


FATF Adds Three More Conditions for Pakistan to Get Off The Greylist

The Working Group will deliberate on Pakistan’s case from June 19 to June 21.

However, there are very few odds that Pakistan would be blacklisted, at least in this session. Even if Pakistan gets blacklisted in this session, the economic sanctions will not be imposed immediately.

A three-member delegation of Finance Ministry is attending the ongoing FATF session.

    • Why?
      Extremists are ruling the India, so they won’t stop.
      Pakistan need to wake the f*** up, and take a stand against them in every platform.
      stop begging for friendship!

      • Imran is begging for friendship not Pakistan. pata nahi kahan kahan se aise log moo utha ke ajate hain. ab zardari gatya hai is ka matlab har pakistani us ke tara hai?

        • Ab cow moot penay walay aur khulay may baji ko toilet kerwanay walay humay btayn gay kya? May to kehta ho India walo ko khudkushi ker leni chahye k ik chai walay tapori sa taiz koi ni hkomat kernay k lia…

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