Security Scanners at Karachi Airport Are Non-Functional: Report

Following the news related to a non-functional scanner at the Lahore airport, it was revealed that the scanners at Karachi’s Jinnah International Terminal are also out of order for past one year.

It was recently reported that Lahore airport’s only scanner has been out of order for over two years. And now, it has been found that the scanners at Karachi’s Jinnah International Terminal have also been out of order for over a year.


Lahore Airport Security Scanners Are Not Working: Report

The scanners at Karachi airport were installed in 2016 due to rising security concerns, but a source privy to the matter said that they have been non-functional for over a year.

The source said that the Airport Security Force (ASF) has to search vehicles owing to the nonworking scanner manually.

He added that the scanners could not be fixed due to unavailability of apparatus in Pakistan.

Earlier, it was reported that the only scanner at Allama Iqbal International Airport had been out of order for over two years.

People and the vehicles had been going in and out of the airport without going through a scanner. The issue came to the limelight when a shooting incident at the airport’s departure lounge took place on Wednesday morning. At least three people lost their lives. The shooter was arrested.

  • At this point they should just make a list of airports where the scanners ARE working.

    Hopefully the glorified bus stop otherwise known as Islamabad International has functional scanners.

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