Twitter Pays Tribute to Abdul Sattar Edhi on His Death Anniversary

On this day, one of the most renowned humanitarians from Pakistan, Abdul Sattar Edhi, left this world 3 years ago. His services to humanity have been acknowledged in all circles and at all stages.

Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize and a number of regional awards speak volumes about his dedication to humanitarian work. The founder of the largest ambulance network in the world, Edhi dedicated his life to philanthropy.

On his 3rd death anniversary, Pakistanis pay tribute to honor his services. Let’s have a look at what the people are saying:

A picture is worth a thousand words.


The nation is indebted.

The richest poor.


An inspiration indeed.

A true hero.

No religion is higher than humanity.

A great philanthropist.

3 years.

He left a legacy.

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