Here’s Why Meezan Bank is Blocking Payments to Netflix

Meezan Bank has blocked its online payment facility for Netflix.

Netflix users can’t pay their subscription fee through Meezan Bank anymore due to the recent restriction, forcing them to look for other payment methods.

The bank previously allowed Netflix payments for their customers but its Shariah Scholars raised an objection causing the interruption of the service.

According to the official statement:

As per the regulations and Shariah Compliance Guidelines of State Bank of Pakistan, Meezan Bank cannot provide any product or service that is not in line with the guidelines of Shariah Compliance.

Netflix, an online subscription service for movies and videos, also falls under the category of entertainment services that are not allowed in Sharia. (It is not a mixed content platform), hence based on customer complains and after compliance review, the bank was required to block Netflix as part of its regulatory and Shariah Compliance requirement.

It’s the same for debit card users, the terms and conditions of the debit card restrict its use on non-complaint products or services. The bank can also restrict or cancel the card if it is used for similar services or products.

As per the guidelines provided by Shariah experts, most Islamic banks are required to restrict their card from usage in casinos, bars, gambling, cinemas, etc. Accounts and financing services are also not provided for these professions. Certain entertainment activities and vendor categories are also blocked at Visa or MasterCard level.

Debit cards can also be blocked based on complaints received by the bank or regular compliance checks.

Some people may disagree with this view but each organisation has its own policies and regulatory requirements.

  • Wow they are policing their customer’s debit card use. Such a shameless bank. They are happy to borrow and lend on interest but get all righteous on you if you want to spend money on entertainment.

  • They should be investigated for terrorist financing. No doubt they have many benami accounts that facilitate money laundering and terrorist financing.

    • Because it’s an Islamic bank it should be investigated for terrorist financing? Are you some kind of hindu bigot?

  • No problem. Will never open a account in Meezan bank and would also tell others who have their accounts in this band to close their accounts. Shameless bank.

  • Netflix allowed us as parents to watch movies online while allowing our kids to watch age restricted content only through separate profiles and parental pin code for above allowed age viewing…I used to pay online through meezan and I belong to a conservative household with kids going to a Islamic school. Such a shame I’ll have to subscribe through some other bank for this wonderful and safe source of entertainment.

    • Hamari family apkay family level say kaafi pechay hay. Laiken hum apnay apko conservative Muslims laik nahi samajhtay.

  • So tomorrow they can block my account for not praying?

    No wonder all these religious minded business crash and burn!

    • Praying is not related to your banking services or debit card. Have some sense while you criticize.

    • And then I will start my VPN and go to p**nhub for some ‘real’ entertainment!

  • Great Decision. No one is forcing anybody to open an account in Meezan Bank. It is an islamic Bank. It should abide by the Shariah Law.

  • Also, MCB and UBL cards are also not working with many websites for about a month like Google play , patreon etc

  • “Entertainment services that are not allowed in Sharia.” What an a**. These Molvis will take us to stone age…

    • You are already in stone age while watching the naked scenes in netflix movies. Don’t blame the molvies.

  • That’s stupid and arbitrary. I’ve used it in bars where I’ve only bought beers and cocktails. I’ve used it in casinos.
    The only place my meezan debit card was blocked was on an online poker and gambling website.

    Based on this post – it looks like I need counseling, I’m ok.

  • Just tried and successfully subscribed to youporn premium using my Meezan Debit card. I guess since it is a mixed content site (they have STRAIGHT as well as LGBT content), Meezan considers it as Shariah Compliant.

  • Netflix gives ssitty old and Indian contents to it’s Pakistani subscribers. I don’t why some people are die hard fan of Netflix, because their ideals westers also use it?

    • Conveniece is the biggest reason for using Netflix as well as the video player features. Its all so seamless and smooth experience. I have chromecast, want to watch a show? Don’t have to wait. Open show on netflix app from mobile and cast to tv. So simple and innovative.

  • This is weird. Customers cannot use their own money where they want to but Bank will use their money to give out loans and cards and charge interest on them. And why the policing for customers. Are their policies and procedures along with their employees all Shariah compliant? Inn ke salesmen ke kartoot pata chalay to they would shut down the bank.

  • Banking itself practices several “Haram” methods, like charging interest on loans. Better close the banks then

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