Twitter Swarmed With Messages of Love to Pay Tribute to Fatima Jinnah

The mother of the nation, Fatima Jinnah bid farewell to this world on July 9 in 1967. Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s sister stood by him through thick and thin.

She is considered among the founding members of Pakistan and she was her brother’s closest confidant till his death in 1948. The founder of Pakistan Women’s Association, Fatima Jinnah’s struggle for Pakistan Movement and civil rights is exemplary. Her efforts later won her the titles of Khatoon-e-Pakistan and Mader-e-Millat. 

On her death anniversary, the nation remembers her every year. Twitter is swarmed with messages of love and affection for Fatima Jinnah. Let’s have a look at what people are saying:

Women power.

Her role in the making of Pakistan needs no words.

A woman of substance.

The two defied all odds to change history.

You will not be forgotten.

She was Quaid-e-Azam’s right hand.

Pakistan lost a gem when she died.

Her words united the Muslims.

Remembering the mother of the nation.

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Feature Writer

  • When i see the situation of this country and when i imagine how our Quaid would be reacting to this…. my heart burns. We must have disappointed him so much.

  • We killed her and her brother. The dictator of the 60s ordered firing on her funeral. Dictator’s son torched a Karachi locality for the sin of voting for her in presidential elections.
    Yet we have the face to celebrate her death anniversary with pride.

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