Everyone Can Learn from Dhoni’s Motivational Words Regardless of Nationality [Video]

Motivational words know no boundaries. It doesn’t matter if the person who utters them is a comedian in the United States or a cricketer from India.


The following excerpts have been taken from former Indian captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s interview with Motivational Psycho:

After leaving his government job, Dhoni had set out on a mission to represent his country in cricket amidst fear that whether it will work out or not. Pressure from the relatives and the family, who believed that it was unwise to leave his job for cricket, kept him fearful of what if he didn’t do well in cricket after leaving the job.

How long do I have to be fearful of what-ifs? If I have to do something different, I’ll have to root out the fear.

I never set personal milestones when I played for India. Whenever we played cricket, even in childhood, our only motive was to win.

It’s not about milestones. It’s about how much you can contribute and how good you are.

I don’t think too much about the past or the future. But, I keep learning from the past and of course, you need to have goals for the future.

I know the most important thing is the present because what you do today has an impact on the future, he believes.


To reach your mark, you have to struggle in life. If you work hard all year, taking a day off won’t matter. If you don’t work hard all year, one day of hard work won’t matter either. The same goes for studies and other aspects of life, he says.

Every individual is different so motivation varies from person to person. For some it can be family, for others it’s his or her country.

Cricket teaches you a very important lesson in life. It’s a great leveler. If you’re not humble, it teaches you how to be humble.

Citing the example of cricket, Dhoni says that if you’re going through a rough patch, the opposition’s best bowler bowls at you when you go out to bat. Their worst fielder takes a brilliant one-handed catch to send you back to the pavilion. This is why we say that cricket is a great leveler.

The modern legend has said some really strong words in this video and it is always good to learn from those who have been through difficult times to emerge as champions. MS is a champion cricketer and his life story and work ethics teach us plenty of things.

Image via Thrive Global

What are your thoughts on Dhoni’s motivational words? Let us know in the comments section.


  • Dhoni is Love. He has been the best cricketer and captain of the last decade.

  • There is no doubt as to Dhoni’s virtues that he had time and again displayed with consistency. His wise motivational words are in sync with his deeds. He is indeed fortunate that success in abundance has embraced him; not all with humility and character achieved such distinction.

  • Dhoni is A very humble person and he had been very work centric whether it’s cricket or his paramilitary job his love for the country overrides everything so god bless him

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