Nayatel Business Solutions Offers Innovative Options for Telecom Operators

Nayatel, a conventional triple play Fiber to the Home service provider, is moving into the digital world with the launch of its software solutions for global fixed-line telecom operators.

The diversified move from a broadband operator, known for its quality services, comes at a time when telcos are feeling challenges of rupee devaluation, increasing costs and regulatory hurdles amid stiff competition. Nayatel Business Solutions has developed an array of innovative software solutions for mission-critical telecom operators.

Their software development teams have proven their mettle by providing solutions with reliability in real-life environments. With its quality assurance, fast track support and innovative problem-solving approach, Nayatel Business Solutions aims to serve the customers globally.

A brief description of the innovative solutions offered is as follows:

TriOSS GPON Automation

TriOSS is an automated Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) layer solution to perform user creation, service provisioning, operations and maintenance in FTTH networks.

The solution, TriOSS, reduces operating expense, increases efficiency and drastically brings down provisioning and fault identification time, thus improving quality of service and customer experience.

Telco Billing Solution

Telco Billing Solution is a cost-effective, robust, flexible and adaptable billing solution which is ideal for telcos, ISPs, MSOs, FTTH/DTH operators to bill their customers for broadband Internet, telephony, cable TV, data, value-added services and more.

Telco Billing solution comes with different billing cycles (post and pre-paid), charging plans, service management and complete invoicing system that gives the operators a best-of-breed, user-friendly experience to enhance the customer experience.

IPTV Solution

Whether it’s a startup or a seasoned service provider looking to start IPTV services, Nayatel provides you with one of the best IPTV solutions which empowers you to seamlessly integrate Live TV channels, Video-On-Demand (VOD) content along with with Over-The-Top (OTT) Internet content and deliver unparalleled subscriber viewing experience.

Nayatel claims that this solution works with standard hardware of any brand and only requires Android as an Operating System.

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  • A good step forward as Pakistan’s IT industry can be a helping hand in stabilizing the economy.

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