Fawad Chaudhry’s Tweet Makes Indian Media & Twitterati Go Berserk

Fawad Chaudhry’s latest tweet on the Kashmir issue has summed up the real reason why India has revoked the special status of the Himalayan region via a special Presidential decree.

The Federal Minister for Science and Technology told the world that Pakistan will fight if war is imposed on us. He also urged the Parliamentarians to stand united against Modi’s war hysteria.

He was of the view that India is trying to ‘make Kashmir another Palestine’.

As expected, the federal minister’s tweet has made the Indian media and social media war-mongers go crazy. The Pakistani side has made it clear that it wants peace, however, if it is provoked, India will end up with a bloody nose.

The Twitter users from India, fed with war hysteria by the local media, believes that India is invincible and that Pakistan doesn’t know how to respond. The irony is that they tend to forget what happened on February 26 earlier this year, when Pakistan Air Force displayed its might and Indians had to find for other excuses like the technical failure of the aircraft and clauses of the Geneva Convention on war prisoners.

Let’s have a look at some of the responses from Pakistanis and Indians on Fawad Chaudhry’s tweet which has rattled the Indian media and the nation alike:

You tried to cross the LoC, didn’t you?


You have no idea what Jihad even means.


Indians are lucky Maulana Khadim Rizvi isn’t the Prime Minister of Pakistan.


Kashmir is an integral part of Pakistan and everyone in the country loves Kashmir.

India can never lose a war in Bollywood movies and on social media.

Indian army is known for giving limited food to its jawans.


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    • Even our barehanded villagers kicked your Abhinanden on the face who had pistol in his hands. Imagine what could an army man do when he has a full go ahead.

  • india yaad rakhy koi hindu nahi bachy ga is jang k bad. Bohat bardast kar lia.
    aur wasy b
    Free ki janat mil rahai hai.

  • On the response of America for Pakistan is to play as mediator. The india has banished Article 370. It is against their law also and so on at global level. I think It is big political stunt by India. On other side if india tries to invade Pakistan and other territories of Pakistan. It will begin third world war but I am sure that India always tries to play by words and propaganda. They will not attack Pakistan directly. According to my predication USA will fight first war with Pakistan then the second war will begin with India.

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