Foreign Players in PSL 5 to be Paid in Pakistani Rupees

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and Pakistan Super League (PSL) franchise owners have mutually agreed to pay the foreign players participating in the 5th edition of the league in Pakistani rupees.

During a meeting held on Monday, the franchise owners raised their concerns regarding paying the foreign players in US dollars.

The meeting held between PCB Chairman Ehsan Mani and the PSL franchise owners was primarily based on listening to the owners’ concerns and coming to a mutual agreement.

A source close to the matter claimed that “franchise owners believed that paying foreign players in US dollars would create a massive financial burden on them.”

A fixed dollar rate was also discussed during the meeting, which has the potential to save franchises a lot of money. Since the tournament will be held in Pakistan, the franchises will pay the fees to PCB in PKR instead of US dollars as well.

The source further added that PCB will form a committee to further look into the concerns presented by each franchise. The committee will comprise of PCB officials and one representative from each franchise.

Indefinite Rights

The franchise owners also discussed the possibility of owning indefinite rights to their respective teams. According to the current agreement, franchises have a 10-year contract and a new bidding process will determine the next owner of each franchise.

The current franchise owners argued that all their hard work would go to waste if their bids don’t fall through and contracts are not renewed.

In response, PCB validated their concerns and said that they would obtain legal assistance to find a viable solution.

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