BJP MP Gets Blasted on Twitter for Disgusting Remarks on Kashmiri Girls

A BJP leader from Uttar Pradesh, Vikram Saini, seems to be quite ecstatic on the latest Kashmir issue; not because his Prime Minister had promised the development, but because party workers and Indians can now marry ‘white Kashmiri girls’.

The sick mentality of the Indian lawmaker was on full display when he addressed an audience in Khatauli of Muzaffarnagar.

All bachelor BJP members, who are eager to get married, can go to Kashmir and we have no problem with it. In fact, BJP’s Muslim activists should be happy as they can now get married to gori Kashmiri girls.

The Indian government has stripped the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, meaning that Indians can now buy lands in the disputed Himalayan region.

The far-right supporters and politicians are sharing their filthy and disgusting views on the development, which explains why the Kashmiris will never be safe if the government is handled by extremist BJP.

Pakistanis, who saw his video, blasted the MP for his remarks about their Kashmiri sisters.

Even some Indians found his comments to be offensive.

Feature Writer

  • sometimes I wonder if the Article 370 is scrapped ONLY because one can marry a Kashmiri girl or buy a land over there. It is too vulgar and disgusting when a BJP Official talks in this cheap & vulgar way. They forget what PM Madi or Amit Dhsh had removed this Article. The importance of this is getting lost by the cheap and disgusting talks and speeches. My friends think big WE DO NOT WANT TO MARRY THERE, NOR WE WANT ANY LAND OVER THERE. OUR ONLY WISH IS TO NOT SEE ANY SOLDIER/JAWAN COMING WITH A TIRANGA WRAPPED ON HIS BODY. Shame on the persons who talk cheap.

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