Chase Value Centre – An Uncrowned King in the Budget Retail Market of Pakistan

Inflation has been an ailment for numerous developing economies and Pakistan is no exception. From food to medicine, shelter, and even basic human commodities, the prices of all items have risen up insanely.

Inflation is a multi-source problem which affects the poor. However, despite all odds, Chase Value Centre has stood out from the rest for its customers. By opening doors for savvy customers and offering the best value for their hard-earned money, this efficient business model has proven its unique identity amongst peers.

A Brief Introduction to Chase Value Centre

As a leading department store in Pakistan, Chase Value Centre has been popular for its wholesale pricing all year round. With a humble brick and mortar store foundation in 2009, Chase Value Centre has grown to three stores, including the largest department store in the form of its Gulshan-e-Iqbal branch.

Chase Value Centre also has the best online assortment at the most affordable prices compared to any other retail chain in the country.

On a side note, there are two (slightly) namesake companies which are run under the same business group but different managements. Chase and Chase Up are often mistaken with Chase Value Centre for some quite visible facts. However, anyone having experienced all three highly recommends Chase Value Centre for better value for money – be it in pricing, quality, ambiance, service or the overall experience.

In order to minimize product cost, Chase Value Centre employs different strategies. Either it is the elimination of middlemen or low-profit margins; the basic mantra is to help customers with all the benefits of reduced prices.

Not only that but Chase Value Centre has managed to reduce a lot of hassle for its customers. A lot of time and energy is saved as they don’t have to search around in the market since everything is available under the same roof.

Various fashion and lifestyle items are imported, whereas many are self-produced considering the individual needs of customers – these are two of the many reasons that assist in a successful low pricing policy.

No Gimmicks, No Discounts – Wholesale Prices All Year Round

Chase Value Centre is a one-stop-shop where some amazing products are offered at wholesale prices all year round. Even if you have a tight budget of Rs. 1000, you can still get sorted very easily.

Starting prices for each category are low enough to match the different budget needs of consumers. So it’s time to bid a farewell to hefty prices.

Here are a few examples of products you can get at very low prices:

  • Double bedsheet is available for Rs. 499.
  • A 3-Piece Lawn Suit can be found for Rs. 699.
  • 3 Men’s Unstitched Shalwar Kameez Suits for Rs. 996 (Rs. 332 each)
  • El’Lora Face Wash for Rs. 99.
  • Ladies’ undergarments with a massive collection and a starting price of Rs. 99.

If this isn’t enough; there are multiple deals and packages that you can make the most of every now and then. From stitched and unstitched fabric to cosmetics, home décor, jewelry, toys, kids’ clothes, electronics, undergarments and a lot more – everything is so light on the pocket. Highlights of some top-rated categories are given below:

  1. Women’s Fashion:

A variety of products including apparel, footwear, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, accessories, undergarments and more – different fashion needs for women are met under one roof.

  1. Men’s Fashion:

Whether it is formal, casual or festive, men’s fashion is covered from all aspects.

  1. Kids’ Clothes/Toys/Books:

If it is a newborn, toddler or grown-up, there is a variety of kids’ stuff available.

  1. Home Textiles/Crockery :

Be it the latest cartoon character bed sheet for your toddler or a towel set and mats for your bathroom, they have it all at unbelievably low pricing.

  1. Cosmetics:

Unlike every next department store, you can find real and authentic makeup, skincare, and hair care products. Also, all well-known brands are featured under this category.

Customer is the King

There is always something for everyone hence no one leaves empty-handed. Unsurprisingly, Chase Value Centre has made a profound shift in the retail market of Pakistan offering merchandise at affordable wholesale price in a comfortable environment.

The misconception of low pricing being associated with low quality has been debunked. All products come with 14 days money-back guarantees hence there is no fear in taking a leap of faith.

One all-round infrastructure caters all customers in an effortless way. Whether online or offline, customers are helped with a very smooth process. No matter how many items are added to the cart, the standard shipping cost of Rs. 150 is charged only once. Also, the return and exchange policy is flexible enough that wins the trust of many customers.

Location and E-commerce Store

Chase Value Centre has three branches in Karachi.

  1. Khalid Bin Waleed Road Branch
  2. Gulshan Branch, Rashid Minhas Road, across Aladin Park
  3. North Nazimabad, Five Star Roundabout Branch

However, individuals living outside Karachi should not feel bad. Chase Value Centre has an established e-commerce platform. Prices and quality of all products are the same as in physical branches. This is how you can chase value for your money all across Pakistan. It’s just a click away at

The popularity and growth of the brand can be judged by over a million active and engaged fans on its Facebook/Instagram page. As it stands, it won’t be wrong saying that the war against inflation in Pakistan is being fought hard by Chase Value Centre. People now have access to their daily life necessities at unmatched prices. Whether Ramadan, Eid, or other festivities, they always look forward to the outstanding services of this leading department store in Pakistan.

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