Daraz University Offers Free Courses and Tutorials for Sellers

Daraz is an integral part of the digital revolution in Pakistan. As such, the company is in a unique position to not only welcome fundamental changes promised by digital technology but to also actively drive change and create opportunities.

Over the last few years, Daraz has built a community of marketplace sellers by finding ways to enable more people to make use of digital technology to engage in eCommerce. Daraz believes that anyone with a smartphone can start online ventures.

Operating on this belief, Daraz University offers free intensive online and offline courses to new and existing sellers on the platform. Tutorials focus on product quality, customer service, and pricing – the essential components of any online business.

Daraz University is a platform designed to provide sellers the information they need to develop and improve their eCommerce operations. Every month, at least 2,000 new sellers study on the platform and, so far, over 20,000 sellers have been educated.

The community of sellers come from cities across the country, with men and women of all ages selling an extensive range of products on the app.

Lalchand, a 22-year-old from Karachi, runs his own mobile accessories shop and started supplying products to Daraz after he was diagnosed with thalassemia. His decision to start working on the eCommerce platform was driven by a desire to help his family cover the costs of his treatment.

Hammad, a 17-year-old, also runs a phones accessory business on the platform. A college student, Hammad started selling online on Daraz for pragmatic reasons. “I realized how easy it was. I can run my business from home,” he says.

The seller community on Daraz is growing and the platform is eager to continue to facilitate entrepreneurs such as Lalchand and Hammad who have seen their businesses grow.

  • Maybe they can learn to include descriptions and specifications of the products they sell. Right now they omit even the most basic information.

  • Better to Launch YouTube Channel instead of WebSITES to Educate the People freely & easily.

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