This Fan Just Redesigned Quaid-e-Azam Trophy Team Logos & People Are Loving It

Only a day after Quaid-e-Azam Trophy logos for the tournament and individual cricket associations were revealed by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), a graphics designer, Sufian Farrukh, has recreated the logos and people are loving his work.

The original logos unveiled on Thursday received a mixed response from the public as some liked them while others believed that the board should have hired someone more professional for the job.

This seems to be the reason why Sufian gave it a go and recreated the logos. We have compiled a comparison post of the logos by both the PCB and Sufian and we leave it up to you to decide who did it better.

The logos at the left are by the PCB whereas those on the right have been created by Sufian.

Quaid-e-Azam Trophy





Southern Punjab

Central Punjab


Logos Via [email protected]_M_Sufian

Who created the better logos? Let us know which ones are your favorite.

Feature Writer

  • Only Quaid e Azam Trophy logo is up in scale as compared to the original. remaining logos are too much inspired from logos of PSL(theme and even color Scheme). copy paste material should not be appreciated…………

        • well something can be similar but not similar at the same time…….like the star and circle are the same but that’s like saying pak flag looks like turk flag………..the contrast is more well defined and the 2nd last logo just hits you like black coffee………..its stronger…..bolder…….and it kind of has that royal navy blue and gold scheme which I like

          • cool….your choice, the colour scheme is the thing i was talking about.
            the colours resemble the colors of indian cricket team logo

  • Well the original ones are the good ones why the hell this fan creating a havoc and social media is supporting it.
    We need to support the new initiative for domestic cricket full stop.

  • as a graphics designer, just pcb’s quaid trophy logo is good while other pcb’s logo for regions are just immature an unprofessional

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