Wasim Akram Apologizes to Pakistani Boxer On Behalf of the Nation

Pakistan’s boxing star, Muhammad Wasim knocked out Philippines’ Conrado Tanamor in just 82 seconds in Dubai on Friday. The win has taken the 32-year-old boxer to the 9th place in the World Boxing Council (WBC) Flyweight Rankings.

The boxer has been bringing honors to Pakistan ever since his entry into the professional boxing in 2015, however, he hasn’t been getting the due acknowledgment.

Every fight, every camp, every training, every tour, is another opportunity for me to show the boxing world the world-class boxing talent Pakistan has.


A media outlet pointed out on his return that no one was there at the airport to receive the hero. In reply to a tweet, Wasim won the hearts of Pakistanis, yet again.

I’m not fighting to get istaqbals at the airport. I’m fighting so that Pakistan gets good Istaqbal all over the world.

The response prompted another legend, Wasim Akram to ‘apologize on behalf of Pakistanis’. He added that he himself will pick the boxer up from the airport after the next fight.

Muhammad Wasim has dedicated his victory to Kashmiris on his return to Pakistan, saying that he stands alongside them in difficult times.

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Feature Writer

  • Simple hai ” Ghalti Karo Sorry Kahu ” Wo Bechara Kiya Kahega :

    RIP Media RIP Govt Authorities RIP Board RIP RIP RIP

  • Ye Sirf Wasim akram ki hi zuma dari nahi thi. Hum sub ki zuma dari banti hay
    Tum ny to RIP likh kar sara kheel hi khatam kar dia

  • Thank you Waseem Akram for acknowledging the services of Muhammad Wasim boxer. Please give him place in the sports channel and highlight in the TV. coverage so the people of Pakistan may recognize him…

  • First of all, “thank you” Muhammad Wasim and congratulations for the great honor.

    Second, people did not learnt about Wasim’s achievement because our media did not gave this proper coverage. Our sports board is inept and the boxing association also failed to highlight the boxer’s achievement. So, RIP for the two associations is in order. I thank Mr. Wasim Akram for his helping hand and hope that proper if not electronic media, then social media coverage will be given to Mr. Muhammad Wasim in future.

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