Xiaomi Unveils a Heated Goose Down Jacket and Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Despite launching a number of products yesterday, Xiaomi has announced two more products today. One of them is a smart double-sided jacket that comes with temperature control and a power bank.

The second product is an outdoor Bluetooth speaker that comes with dust and water resistance, specifically optimized to make your parties more fun.

Heated Goose Down Jacket

This heated jacket is dubbed “Smart Temperature-controlled Goose Down Jacket 3.0” and is constructed using 90 percent white goose down feathers. Xiaomi says that the goose down (material imitating thin layer of soft feathers on geese) used in the jacket is warmer than duck down and has layers to prevent wind intrusion.

The smart temperature control system installed in the jacket provides the user with three temperatures to choose from. As mentioned before, the system uses a 10,000 mAh power bank and can provide heating for 7 hours.

The jacket has also been treated with 3 anti-splash treatments making it waterproof and feasible for use on a rainy day. It also has reflective strips at the front and back to make the user visible at night.

This is Xiaomi’s 407th crowdfunded product. Currently, during the crowdfunding phase, it will cost the users $70, but the price tag will increase when it reaches the stores.

Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

The Mi outdoor speaker featuring Bluetooth 5.0 comes with a USB Type-C port, 2600 mAh battery that enables 8 hours of continuous use, 52mm speaker drivers and two HD microphone pickups. It has a pill like design and comes with IP55 water and dust resistance rating.

The exterior consists of soft plastic and thin cloth-like material. Coupled with the IP 55 rating, this makes it ideal for outdoor use. The speaker will be available for sale by 26th September for $28.

  • Xiaomi has got a couple of other jackets that are already available overseas via thrid-party retailers like the Uleemark multi-storage jacket. The ULEEMARK men’s multi-functional super-storage travel jacket has compartments for storing different devices such as eyeglasses, earphone holder, mobile phone bag, integrated large storage pocket, cardholders, mobile power bank bag and pockets.

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