Administration Fails to Control Bird Strikes at Peshawar Airport

The airport administration at the Bacha Khan International Airport (BKIA) is displeased at the meat shops and piles of garbage around the airport due to the rise in bird-hit incidents reported by international airlines operating from there.

In the last 25 days, 5 such complaints have been received by the Civil Aviation Authority calling on them to take action because these bird-hits could be fatal for both commercial and military flights.

In response, CAA officials said that action was supposed to be taken by the district administration but CAA also held multiple meetings aside from conducting awareness sessions and distributing pamphlets around the area.

A senior official at CAA said, “This should not be taken lightly since we fear this airline might refuse operations from the facility adding “this is the only facility in the province and we don’t want these airlines to refuse operations from BKIA.”

They added that CAA had tried to manage the situation but it was the prerogative of the district administration to maintain a smooth flow of air traffic.

  • As many as 59 incidents of bird strikes have been reported so far this year. “18 [out of the 59] were major incidents, and 10 happened at the Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore alone.”

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