Shoaib Akhtar Claims He Was Surrounded by Match-Fixers in His Playing Days

Former Pakistan pacer, Shoaib Akhtar, has claimed that he was once offered an apartment in Fulham, 2 S-class Mercedes, and a million dollars in return for fixing a match during his playing days.

Who knows who was the match-fixer as there was so much match-fixing.

The Rawalpindi Express, however, made sure that the fixer never again got in touch with him with any offer; he gave him a good beating after closing the door.

I was offered a million dollars, 2 S-Class Mercedes and an apartment in Fulham to fix a match. I closed the door and gave the guy who made the offer a beating.

The 44-year-old rued the poor state of affairs in Pakistan Cricket owing to the evil of match-fixing, saying that it felt like he was up against 21 players and not 11.

I was always of the belief that I can never cheat Pakistan, no match-fixing. I was surrounded by match-fixers. I was playing against 21 people – 11 their players and 10 of our players.

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