Pakistani Commando Wins Gold Medal in International Shooting Event

Pakistan has won another gold medal on the international stage and this time in shooting competition.

More than 100 shooters from 10 Asian countries participated in the event. The competition was organized in collaboration with China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Macau.

Hailing from Sindh, Arsalan Anwar won the gold medal for Pakistan in the Asian International Defensive Pistol Association Cup (IDPA) competition held in Bangkok.

It has been reported that he hit 118 targets in 6.16 minutes in the final round of practical shooting.

Furthermore, he also secured 3rd position in the international category whereas his fellow countryman, Commando Abdul Shakoor also secured the third position in the Marksman category.

Both the commandos representing Pakistan are part of Special Security Unit Sindh. Commando Arslan Anwar secured 3rd position in the International category while Commando Abdul Shakoor got the third position in the Marksman category.

SSU Commandant Maqsood Ahmed congratulated the commandos for their achievement.

He urged the police workforce for acquiring good skills, techniques, and stamina which play an effective role in preventing the designs of criminals.

The commandant added that SSU was paying maximum attention to providing modern training and improving the professional capabilities of its commandos.

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  • Is this some kind of joke? Propakistani is sharing 2017 news in 2019. WOW………………How fast is our media? Amazing. :) :) :)

    • Arsalan Anwar is renowned for succeeding at these events, which occur yearly. He won the gold medal in 2018 in China as well.

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