Samsung Launches Galaxy Note 10+ Star Wars Edition for $1300

When it comes to rolling out limited-edition variants of its flagships, Samsung never ceases to amaze. The Korean Giant has announced a Star Wars-themed Galaxy Note 10 Plus centering on the aesthetics of Kylo Ren, a Star Wars villain.

The smartphone will hit the markets this holiday season, before the last part of the Star Wars trilogy hits theaters on the 20th. If you are a huge Star Wars fan and are ready to replace your smartphone for it, be ready to hunt for this Kylo Ren themed smartphone and pay a hefty price for it. Currently, the vanilla S10+ is available on the Samsung website at an $839 sale price while the new holiday-edition S10+ will cost you a total of $1300.

The phone comes in a bundle offer which includes a Galaxy Note 10+ (of course). The phone has a matte black body with red accents around the camera housing and the buttons. It is accompanied by a themed leather smartphone case as well.

Apart from this, the custom package includes themed galaxy bugs with a black casing and red interior. Users also get a collectible metal badge, red-colored stylus and some exclusively themed wallpapers, shutdown animations, icon packs, and sounds.

This limited-edition Samsung Galaxy S10+ bundle will be available for sale by 13th December on Amazon, limited Best Buy stores in the US and some Samsung outlets. It will also reach 14 other markets which include Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Korea, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UAE, and the UK.

Since it is a limited-edition smartphone, there is a high chance the supply will run out and the smartphone will be sold at a higher price on a lot of auction sites.

What do you think, is this themed Galaxy S10+ bundle worth the hefty price tag?

  • A very informative article. At places it mentions Galaxy Note 10 Plus but at other places it mentions S10+. That creates a bit of confusion. The writer is requested to please remove the confusion by referring to only one model in an article. What I gathered was that the article was about Note 10 +.

  • Salam brother I’m interested to but Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Star wars addition will you please tell me how can i but this phone and please do tell me is it single sim or dual sim thanks for your regard.

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