This Dog Drove His Owner’s Car for an Hour [Video]

Dogs have many talents that make them one of the most amazing pets. Did you know dogs could drive? Well, they can, sort of.

In a video that went viral on social media, a black Labrador in Port St Lucie, Florida was seen driving his owner’s car in circles for an hour. The owner had left his car running on the street when his pet managed to put it in reverse gear and drove it around.


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The joy ride came to an end when he bumped the car into a neighbor’s mailbox and some trash cans. The Police arrived on the scene and opened the car’s door to find the Labrador having fun with his owner’s vehicle in his absence.

Anne Sabol, a resident of the neighborhood, saw the action from a distance as fire and Police department also appeared on the scene. The owner promised to fix his neighbor’s mailbox after the incident.

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