Pakistan is Planning to Export Electricity to Central Asia

Pakistan has initiated talks with central Asian countries of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan for electricity export during winter under the (Central Asia-South Asia) (CASA-1000) agreement.

Well-placed sources in the Power Division have revealed that the experts of the National Transmission Dispatch Company (NTDC) held a meeting with the representatives of the Tajik government in this regard. The crucial dialogue took place in Dubai last week.

As per the agreement, Pakistan will import 1,000MW of electricity per day at 9.50 cents per unit in summer from May to October.


Pakistan Wants to Export Electricity to Tajikistan

For this purpose, a 750 kilometer-long high-voltage direct current (DC) transmission line between Pakistan and Tajikistan via Afghanistan will be built at a cost of $1.7 billion.

Moreover, the project also includes the construction of converter stations in all three countries. Pakistan has already acquired the land in Nowshera for setting up a converter station.


Pakistan Plans Increase Electricity Generation Capacity by 74,448MW

As the open-access clause of this agreement mentions two-way trade of electricity, Pakistan now wants to export electricity to Central Asian countries during the winter using the same infrastructure. These countries mainly rely on hydel resources for power generation. Most of their reserves freeze during the winter, causing a power shortage.

The agreement is a win-win situation for Pakistan as it states that the country will not be liable to pay for any electricity transit loss in Afghanistan in case of any untoward activity.

  • They cannot provide 24 hours of electricity to their countrymen and trying to export it to others. It is a good step but only after you have met the demand of your local population.

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