Karachi Listed Among World’s 10 Least Liveable Cities Again

The Global Liveability Index 2019 has been published and the outlook appears to be grim for the economic hub of Pakistan, Karachi.

For the second year running, Karachi has earned a place on the list of the world’s 10 least livable cities. Global Liveability Index 2019 has ranked Karachi at 5th place. Sindh’s capital is marginally better to live compared to Tripoli (4th), Dhaka (3rd), Lagos (2nd) and Damascus (1st). In 2018, Karachi was ranked (4th).

Here are the 10 least livable cities for 2019:

6.Port Moresby

The Economist Intelligence Unit, a Britain based forecasting, advisory, research, and analysis firm, publishes a Global Liveability Index each year.

Economist Intelligence Unit gauge cities on the following 5 factors and assign them a livability score;

  • Stability,
  • Healthcare,
  • Culture & Environment,
  • Education,
  • Infrastructure.

According to the Global Liveability Index, 2019, the ten most liveable cities are

Here is the detailed livability score for the worst performers

Detailed report at Economist Intelligence Unit.

  • BHUTTO to mar gaya Per Zardari aur uski gundi nasal nay qabza kerlya SINDH per!! Karachi may MQM & PPP dono nay naslen khrab kerdeen…..Politics nay Karachi Ghaleez kerdya hai….There is Only hope now PTI (Imran Khan) Allah Kamyabi de Aameen.

  • Corruption has influenced whole country, worst it nailed down Sindh in such a way that highest tax payer is yet in the list of least livable cities on Earth. So much shame for PPP Govt and its supporters who will continue their support until their last breath and never give a damn to any such figures. These supporters require safe heaven for their own corruption which is thoroughly supported by PPP from lower to highest level possible. They do it officially and openly in all Govt departments every Pakistani has witnessed.

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