Before Deadly Crash Boeing Called Airline Pilots ‘Idiots’ for Demanding Training

In a shocking revelation, Boeing wasn’t in favor of giving more training to the Indonesian Lion Air crew prior to the horrendous Boeing 737 Max crash which killed 189 people.

On top of it, the company employees insulted Lion Air pilots, calling them idiots, the newly released Boeing documents have revealed.


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The horrific accident was attributed partially to a new flight-control system known as the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), and partially to poor pilot training and unfamiliarity with the system.

Boeing’s main selling point was that the 737 Max needed minimal training, saving airlines a lot of money. An email between Boeing’s employees in 2017, quoted in the documents is as follows:

Now friggin Lion Air might need a sim to fly the MAX, and maybe because of their own stupidity. I’m scrambling trying to figure out how to unscrew this now! idiots.

Boeing has already grounded its 737 Max due to two major accidents, one of the Lion Air and another of Ethiopian Airlines, however, the documents might well get it into more trouble.


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In response to the email shared above, one of the employees also lost his cool, saying:

WHAT THE F***!!!! But their sister airline is already flying it!

You all know what the F word says, and that coming from a Boeing employee while calling out Lion Air specifically does not bode well for the aerospace company. The Max 737 crisis has already resulted in the company getting the lowest orders in the past decade.

The dismissive attitude by the employees is disturbing, to say the least, and Lion Air eventually accepted that it doesn’t need to train its pilots anymore, as per the reports.

An investigation is currently ongoing by the U.S. Transportation and Infrastructure Committee with its Chair, Peter DeFazio, saying:

These newly-released emails are incredibly damning. They paint a deeply disturbing picture of the lengths Boeing was apparently willing to go to in order to evade scrutiny from regulators, flight crews, and the flying public, even as its own employees were sounding alarms internally. I can only imagine how painful it must be for the families of the 346 victims to read these new documents that detail some of the earliest and most fundamental errors in the decisions that went into the fatally flawed aircraft.

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  • There is but right to call the pilots “Idiots”. It was Boeing’s greed that made MCAS a separate safety feature and the pilots were not informed about this feature.

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