Galiyat Welcomed a Record Number of Tourists in December

Thanks to the untiring efforts of the federal and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government, the tourism sector in this region is attracting more and more visitors. The results were evident last month during the winter break.

Officials of the KP tourism promotion authority have confirmed that the last week of December 2019 observed an overwhelming surge in the tourist influx in the Galiyat region. One of the officials told media that this December, the number of tourists in the valley increased by 139 percent compared to the previous season.


Govt. Owned Rest Houses in Galiyat Handed Over to Private Investors

As per the official numbers, over 200,000 local and foreign tourists visited various attractions in the Galiyat region last month. The numbers were around 85,600 in December 2018.

Thanks to extended winter vacations in parts of the country, the upward trend continued in the first ten days of January 2020 as over 53,000 travel enthusiasts visited Galiyat during the said period.


Over 2 Million Tourists Went to KP in Eid Holidays

All this was possible due to dedicated efforts of the government with better traffic management, timely clearance of snow off the roads, attractive promotional campaigns, and of course, an improved security situation.

Note that the tourist influx in the summer break last year was even higher as the mesmerizing sceneries and waterfalls in KP attracted over two million tourists from all over the country during Eid holidays.

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