India to Boycott Asia Cup if Venue is Pakistan: BCCI

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has made its stance clear that they want the Asia Cup 2020 to be held on a neutral venue and not in Pakistan.

Speaking to IANS news agency, a BCCI claimed that it would be impossible for the Indian team to travel to Pakistan for the T20 tournament due to the deteriorating political ties between both nations.

The BCCI official said:

The question isn’t about the PCB hosting the tournament. It is about the venue and as things stand now, it is quite clear that we would need a neutral venue. There is no way that an Indian team can visit Pakistan to even participate in a multi-nation event like the Asia Cup. If the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) is ok with an Asia Cup minus India then it is a different ball game. But if India is to participate in the Asia Cup, then the venue cannot be Pakistan.

Pakistan was awarded the rights for Asia Cup 2020 earlier last year. Read more from here:

Breaking: Pakistan to Host Asia Cup Next Year


The official further claimed that BCCI also went with a neutral venue in 2018 and Pakistan should do the same otherwise India’s participation is unlikely.

The PCB has worked tirelessly to revive international cricket in Pakistan. The first team to come to Pakistan was Sri Lanka, followed by Bangladesh. This would have been the first international tournament being held in Pakistan but it remains to be seen what decision the board takes.

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  • We must understand the situation in india, when it comes to dealing with Pakistan, they are the most intolerant and sadist people.
    indian BCCI and especially indian players are very much afraid to play against Pakistan, because they know if they lost a single game against Pakistan, the players and their families will have to face The Ultimate Wrath in their country.

  • If India doesn’t comes to Pakistan to play Asia cup 2020 then ICC should step in and ban India from World T20 2020 tournament which is in AUS this year. Yeah but there is no justice in the world unless you make it.

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