Breaking: 3rd PAF Training Aircraft Crashes in Two Months

Within a period of just a month, another training aircraft has crashed near Mardan earlier today during a routine flight. This is the third Pakistan Air Force (PAF) aircraft to have crashed during this period, which raises a huge question mark on the operational capabilities of these aircraft.

A Mirage met the same fate near Shorkot earlier in February whereas another training jet, FT-7 crashed in Mianwali in January, martyring Squadron Leader Haris bin Khalid and Flying Officer Ibaadur Rehman.


Breaking: Two PAF Pilots Martyred in Jet Crash Near Mianwali

The pilot has sustained some injuries after he managed to eject as the T-37C crashed into an open space in the Pirano Kali area of Mardan. According to the statement by PAF, no loss of life or property has resulted from the crash.


Breaking: PAF Jet Crashes Near Shorkot

Rescue 1122 rushed to the place of incident to extinguish the fire and provide first aid to the wounded.

Air Headquarters in Islamabad has ordered an inquiry to determine the cause of the unfortunate accident.

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  • This is defiantly a human error. Either the ground staff responsible for the maintenance of the plane or the pilot. Nothing else.

    We brag that our pilots are the world’s best than why does this not happen in any first world country (where pilots are no match to ours, as what be believe!!). That is because they have very strict safety measures and they don’t fly if it’s unsafe, period.

    We believe it or not, this corruption is in our roots and that plays role in our forces too. Three plane crashes in two months. Is it a joke!!

    These planes, these pilots cost money. Tax payer’s money. They should be protected. Protocols should be put in place to ensure that no matter what, an unfit plane or an unfit pilot should not be sent up in the air.

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