NayaPay and Telenor Pakistan Come Together for Customer Convenience

NayaPay Pvt. Limited has partnered with Telenor Pakistan to provide a truly seamless digital experience to their customers. The two organizations signed an agreement to that effect in Karachi.

As an Electronic Money Institution (EMI), NayaPay will enable users to open E-money accounts and make digital payments to individuals and businesses conveniently. This partnership will facilitate customers to access Telenor Pakistan’s services directly from the NayaPay app including Mobile balance top-up and subscription to prepaid bundles.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Farrukh Amlani, COO NayaPay, said:

At NayaPay, we are striving to create an ecosystem that caters to specific pain points of consumers and merchants across Pakistan. We believe that collaborations such as this one with Telenor Pakistan will go a long way in achieving our goal.

Collaboration between market players is an important tenet of a digitally inclusive society, where customer convenience is a business imperative. The alliance between Telenor and NayaPay is a step towards an enabling environment that fosters innovation and transparency to create value for customers.

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