Samsung Galaxy S20 is More Fragile Than S20+ & S20 Ultra [Video]

SquareTrade, an extended warranty service provider, recently conducted a typical breakability test on the Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup, and the results were not what we expected.

Amongst the three, the vanilla S20 failed the test miserably in comparison to the other two Smartphones in the lineup. If we compare the results to Samsung Galaxy S10 results, the difference is much more significant. Last year, all the S10 smartphones scored about the same on this test.

The details of the test and its results are shown in this two-minute-long video:

The vanilla Galaxy S20 had a shattered screen after the first drop from a 6-feet height. The back did not perform well, either. Other than this, the Samsung Galaxy S20 was the only one from the lot to malfunction after the bend and tumble test. The single test in which S20 performed well is the water submersion test.

As far as other smartphones of the lineup are concerned, the S20 Ultra endured the highest pressure before bending and remained functional afterward. It also did well in the face drop test. Although a few hairline cracks were visible. The S20+ rated almost the same as S20 Ultra, although it did bend earlier than S20 ultra.

The following chart shows the final results.

All phones are equally hard to repair.

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