Governor House Lahore is Now Available for Rent

Governor Punjab, Chaudhry Sarwar, has approved renting out the Governor House estate for commercial activities to generate its operational expenditures.

As per media reports, the state property will now be available on rent for corporate and wedding events, photoshoots, musical concerts, and other activities. Interested people can contact the Governor House administration for bookings. Meanwhile, an online portal will also be established for this purpose.



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The decision has come months after the Governor House was opened for public. To generate income from state property, the Governor House’s management has also finalized a business plan and forwarded it to Prime Minister Imran Khan for approval.

It was proposed that the lawns of the house should be rented out for Rs. 1 million a day for events, Rs. 200,000 for photoshoots and Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000 for lodging in different rooms of historical significance.


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At the moment, people with the right contacts are availing these facilities for free. Most of the time, the beautiful lake of the Governor House is used for photoshoots. Moreover, the lawns are used to organize the corporate events of chambers of commerce and various trade associations.

  • After seeing the image, I’m confused about whether I’m in India or in the “Islamic Republic Of Pakistan”.

  • Punjab kay saray infrastructure ko baich do aur karaiy pai laga do. What is next. CM house on rent as well?.
    Governer house could be turned into a library , but why a shaadi hall?.
    Anyway why governer house of Non Punjab regions is seeing the same fate?.

    • Nobody is selling anything. They’re renting it out so that Millions of public’s money or taxpayer’s money isn’t used for the upkeep of this Colonial Era Governor House.

  • Great Initiative… Govt will manage some revenue by doing this but it should also be done on other civil government garden sites as many of them are used for events these days for free only on relation bases. So we can make some money by this well done Governor and CM Punjab Mr Buzdar sab

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