Lahore to Sialkot Journey Will Only Take 41 Minutes from 30th March

In a bid to help facilitate the people of Sialkot and Lahore as well as boost the economy, the 91.47-Km long motorway between these two cities is set to open for public on 30th March.

As per sources, a total of Rs. 44 billion was spent on the motorway and it will help slash the travel time between the two cities to just 41 minutes. The highway will have four-lanes, nine interchanges, 20 bridges, 18 underpasses and eight flyovers.


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The officials further added that to help boost development, three industrial zones will be created along with two universities along the motorway. They said that it will be connected with M2 and M5 through Lahore Link road near Kala Shah Kaku.

They said that the road will run parallel to the Grand-Trunk Highway and will pass east of areas including Kamoke, Gujranwala, Daska, Sambrial before ending at Sialkot.

  • 91.47 KM in 41 minutes
    as per physics you have to travel at a speed of 135 KM/Hr approx to reach in 41 minutes.

    Speed = Distance / Time
    Distance = 92 KM Approx
    Time = 41 minutes ==> 0.68 Hrs

    Speed = 92/0.68
    Speed = 135 KM/Hr

    We are a poor nation and cant afford to pay challan for over speeding and also put our lives at risk. :(

    Please give realistic statistics.


    • You made a slight mistake here. You assumed that the Motorway starts from Lahore and ends at Sialkot. However, it starts at Kala Shah Kaku and you get to Sialkot before reaching the last exit at the motorway.

      • No dear 92 Km is from Kala Shah Kaku and ends at Sialkot. I have also taken the same into consideration.

        Please verify through google maps and you can confirm that the length of Motorway from KSK – SKT is 92 KM Aprox.

        • Not sure about Google Maps until the motorway is open for public. Its showing just 86km from KSK to Sialkot interchange.

      • Wah kya kehne tumhare. Wah ghaltya pakarne wali second hand sparked machine. Moo acha na ho tu baat hy achi kr leta he banda. Bhai kala shah kaku k baad kon sa pull se neeche phaink de gari. Aage b motorway hy he. Baqi tumhari wohi misaal he. Inj rul ya unj rul. Tum negative soch walo bando ky gari motorway pe b khota gari bani hoty he. Sorry boss but its true. Think positive mere bhai. Sb acha acha lagay ga

    • bahi zera apni calculation recheck karien, 92Km in apx 41 minutes main he hoo ga if u are driving at 120Km/Hr speed, whats wrong in this calculation.? (120km/h means you are driving 2km in 1minut,) anyway it is just for information. :-)

    • Oh my God how useless time you have to calculate this baseless , what else if u travel at a speed of 120km/h you will reach there in 46 minutes just a matter of 5 minutes

  • I think it would surely help people more in terms of smooth and comfortable journey rather than saving of time, especially for those who are to reach Narowal or Pasrur. This is a good initiative and a nice gesture to the people who had been neglected since long.

  • No doubt, this M11 road will be a great facility for the people traveling Lahore-Sialkot-Lahore. Especially for business community. There must be mentioned the name of “initiated by” on the inauguration stone.

  • This project also belongs to PMLN. What imran khan can can do for Pakistan. Do nothing just abused to others..

      • 1 admi k 3 baitay thay. Kisi ne us se baiton ky masrofiat k bare pocha tu wo bola:
        2 ne MBA kya howa he 1 baita Chor (Thief) he.
        Dosra Shaks bola jo Chor he usay nikal kio nhi detay ghr se.
        Admi ne Jawab dya kese nikalon ek wohi he jo kama k ghr lata he.

        Waisay Ghor talab baat he..

  • Great news for Pakistan. Rather than mentioning who initiated and who inaugurated, we should pray for it’s positive addition to the economy and longlasting survival.
    After all it’s our (tax) money. Politicians do not contribute a single penny to any project.

    • Haha. Bhai g thanks tu banta he. Kaam na krna corruption khelaty he. Kaam costly krna corruption me nhi ata.agar define ho jai purchasing cost.
      Well, bohat filmy dialogue ho gya. Bhai jan yaha signal ka green bulb install krne pe hum mashkor hotay hain. Masla kuch b nhi bs drive discipline ky game he sari. Or koi kami nhi.

  • I am a non political person. The original plan was laid down in Pervaiz Elahi Sahib’s CM ship. The original first hand map I received in those day was 96km from Daroghawala to Sumbrial with 4 interchanges. M-11 will likely be extended to Kharian across Shahbaz-pur bridge over Mighty Chanab.The Lahore Eastern Bypass was incorporated later by PM Nawaz Sharif Sahib. The local investors around have purchased lands around the M-11 for future commercial development.

  • How much toll plaza۔ including ring road. Distance is 100 plus km from lahore. Not a 92km.

  • Certainly, the Lahore Sialkot Motorway project, where it is meant to reduce the distance, will prove to be the home of the economic revolution for the region.

  • Koi speed ko le k baitha howa he. Koi velocity ko. Koi Einstein bana howa he tu koi arasto. Mil gai he koi facility tu shukar adda kro. Jitne b ye bol rahe ho na. Speed, time, km. Jana tum ne phir b Raja Time k peeche latak k he. Wo b GT road wazirabad k totay rastay se. Ghr me dosri bar amma salan nhi pochty or yaha phunsi hoi english me goray bun jatay ho.

  • زیادہ تر لوگوں نے انگریزی حروف تہجی میں اردو لکھی ھے. چنانچہ یہ کہنا صحیح ھوگا ہم لوگ اردو کے ساتھ ایک ایسا ناروا سلوک کر رہے ہیں جو کہ کسی زبان کوقتل کرنے کے مترادف ہے.

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