‘Hafeez Has Achieved Nothing, is Just an Average Player’: Former Pakistan Cricketer

Former Pakistan cricketer, Tanvir Ahmed, has slammed Mohammad Hafeez following his remarks on Sharjeel Khan’s possible return to the national team. He believes that if Salman Butt and Mohammad Amir can be allowed to play, Sharjeel Khan also deserves a second chance.

You have played cricket for such a long time but achieved nothing so far in your career.

In his YouTube video, the 41-year-old said that Hafeez has no right to say anything about another cricketer, especially during his playing days.


My question to Hafeez is that what does he think of himself? Are you PCB? Is everything in your hands? It is not his job to comment on who should be selected.


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Talking about Hafeez’s performances, the former fast bowler said that he needs to work on his own game and prove his worth.

He needs to improve his own performance first and prove that he is a top-class cricketer.

Tanvir further criticized the senior cricketers, who he thinks tend to say anything they want despite being average cricketers even after playing 10-12 years.

What I fail to understand is why do our senior players, who have never been able to become superstars, give such statements. Maybe they think that they have achieved a lot by just playing for 10-12 years and can say anything they want.


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He also said that Hafeez doesn’t deserve to be in the team after his dismal performance in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020.

“If he does not like this [playing alongside tainted cricketers], then he can leave cricket. I believe Hafeez no longer deserves a place in the side bearing in mind his performance in PSL”, he added.

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  • No, he is not an average player, he is below average player :(
    Hafeez, Akmal bros, Shoaib Malik, Ahmed Shahzad and similar players playing from the last 10-20years :(

  • Better hafeez should retire or start feeling that he us retired after such irresponsible/non sense comments. The entire cricket is waiting for sharjeel’s return. And no one wants to see the boring hafeez
    Yes, he hasn’t achieve anything yet.
    It’s hight ime to get rid of Hafeez and Akmal brothers type stuff.

  • Fully agreed as all his life he has used Misbahs crutch to remain in the team. Look at his performances in Tests, ODIz & T20z! He has been consistently inconsistent and has been the biggest purchi in the history of Pak Cricket. He has always been an over rated and an extremelly lucky player. Pak Cricket does not need to carry this liability any more as Life goes forwards and not backwards!

  • Yes, Hafeez might be an average player but what he said about Sharjeel, Aamir and the fixing planner SALMAN BUT etc. is just right.
    And if Aamir got a chance he was just 17 years old at that time n had just accepted what he had done not like Salman But (The Planner), Asif n Sharjeel who all refused their crimes for years.

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