Punjab Chief Minister Announces Rs. 18 Billion Tax Exemptions

The general population will benefit from the provincial tax exemption of Rs. 18 billion, according to Punjab’s Chief Minister Usman Buzdar.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the Chief Minister stated:

Exemption from provincial taxes amounting to Rs 18 billion will largely benefit common people and the Punjab government will undertake all out possible steps so as to save the masses from the detrimental economic effects due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The labor class will get substantial relief from the economic package of the incumbent PTI government,” he added.

He said that this is their first and foremost priority as well as the responsibility to take care of the labor class owing to distressing conditions prevailing on account of coronavirus.

“We believe in undertaking practical steps instead of making oral calculations. The PTI government has always given preference in ensuring the wellbeing of a common man and poor segment of society,” he said and regretted that the coronavirus pandemic has badly affected the daily wage earners.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister directed the officers concerned to undertake all necessary measures to bring stability in the prices of essential edibles, including flour. He directed that provision of essential commodities and flour should be ensured at officially fixed rates at any cost.

“We will fully protect and safeguard the interests of the people during the current turbulent situation,” he added.

Usman Buzdar directed the launch of a crackdown on hoarders and profiteers. He ordered indiscriminate stern action against them according to the law.

He continued that the PTI government will fully perform all its obligations, adding that they are taking every possible step for the complete eradication of coronavirus.