Govt Reduces LPG Prices to Lowest in Years

For April 2020, the government has decreased the price of LPG by 30.25% to Rs. 1067.39 – lowest in 17 years – due to fall in LPG prices globally.

When compared to March, this is a decrease of Rs. 463/11kg cylinder from Rs. 1530.17/cylinder and the commercial cylinder price has fallen to Rs. 4,107/cylinder, a reduction of Rs. 1,781.

Irfan Khokhar, Chairman of Pakistan LPG Distributors Association stated that the reduction was due to the lockdown and asked the government to devise a LPG policy, take back abolish general sales tax, petroleum levy, and advance tax on LPG business to prevent the industry of a possible loss of Rs. 2 billion.

It is pertinent to point out that the decline in demand for fuel in the current shutdowns globally has resulted in the price decline. Saudi Arabia’s state-run Aramco has slashed propane price by $200-ton and in April the price will be $230/ton compared to $430/ in March.

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