Javed Miandad Clarifies Controversial Comments About Imran Khan on Live TV

Legendary cricketer, Javed Miandad, has said that media misquoted his words during the live telethon transmission on Thursday. Miandad, who was one of the many guests invited for the telethon personally attended by Prime Minister Imran Khan, was cut off by a TV channel when he said, “Imran has spent his whole life asking for charity.”

The telethon was live on several news channels but was cut off by one of the news channels which raised doubts among people. This gave the opposition a chance to mock PM Khan’s efforts to handle the ongoing crisis.


However, soon after the telethon ended, Miandad took to Twitter to ask people not to misquote his statement.


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Don’t quote my words wrong. @ImranKhanPTI is raising funds bcs culprits in last govt. looted this country, he has no other option but to ask his own people to contribute & support him in tough times. Corruption is cancer & People who looted this country must be HANGED!

When he decided to make Pakistan’s first cancer hospital, he had to collect donations on roads. And even now, as a Prime Minister, he is collecting money to help the poor.


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Javed lamented the previous governments who looted the country with both hands and brought it on the verge of destruction.

Previous rulers only thought about filling their pockets and no one thought about the country. But, I am ascertained that Pakistan is in safe hands. We will successfully come out of these testing times under PM Imran’s leadership.

  • پاکستان کی بدقسمتی کے کرکٹر، اداکارہ، اداکار، ماڈلز، گلوکار کی رائے اھم ھے اور پڑھے لکھے یا دین جاننے والے کسی بھی شخص کو چھوڑ کر ھر ڈوم مراسی کی رائے کو سنا جاتا ھے اور اھمیت دی جاتی ھے کہ اس نے یہ کہا اور اس نے وہ کہا

    لگے رھو بھئی، جب یہ لوگ تمھاری توجہ حاصل کریں گے تو پڑھے لکھے اور جاھلوں میں فرق ختم ھو جائے گا تم ان کو سنو گے تو تمھارا حال وھی رھے گا جو آج ھے. خوار دنیا میں اور آخرت بھی برباد.

  • I am not against IK . He is now asking for help form overseas Pakistanis but do he has the courage to ask all the current and ex ministers and advisers and all the parliamentarians to forgo all their salaries and perks for ever and all that should retain with the government to take care of all the needy people from this amount. I presume all these ministers and advisers and all the parliamentarians have enough to spend their lives quite lavishly without these petty amount . These parliamentarians do not contest the elections for these petty salaries and perks

  • begairat k bachay saray kehtay hain last govt. ne mulk kha liya…. salo kabhi un k kaam ki tareef ki???
    sabit bhi karo na kahan se kis ne kya khaya!!!
    jinhon ne khaya woh aaj bhi govt. mein hain
    aur khud ki progress kya hai….
    1st “country is in back gears”
    2nd “100 daway/waday=100 u turn”
    durrrr fitttay muh… propti.pk

  • all those talking against IK and accusing propakistani to be propti…..just take a look at your down votes. public is propti not this site ok.

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