Xiaomi’s New Low Power DC Inverter Fan is Ideal for Summer

Xiaomi has a vast variety of crowdfunded products that are released in collaboration with its sub-brands and the latest one to debut is the Mijia Inverter DC Tower Fan that features incredible power efficiency.

As the name suggests, it features a cylindrical tower design with a circular base at the bottom. The 6.9mm fins are equipped with a 150° ultra-wide-angle air supply, so the fan is easily able to cover an entire room if placed at an appropriate angle. The fans inside the vents are DC brushless fans with a maximum air output of up to 541m³/h that enable long air range.

Mijia’s new DC Inverter Tower Fan is equipped with a frequency conversion induction motor that allows it to run smoothly and quietly with noise levels as low as 34.6dB. The fan only uses 3.5W of power and requires only 1.1 kWh for 6 days if its used 8 hours a day but it can be left running for a lot longer without having to worry about excessive power bills.

The Mijia DC Inverter Tower Fan will be available for only $42 once it goes for sale tomorrow in China. There is no word on international availability yet but we will update this space as soon as we hear more.

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