Fuel Prices Reduced by Upto Rs. 30 Per Liter

The federal government has officially announced to reduce the prices of various petroleum products for May owing to the unprecedented decline in crude oil prices in the international market.

According to the statement issued by the Ministry of Finance, the Government is extending maximum relief to the public. Relief Packages include Economic Stimulus Package, Ehsaas Emergency Relief Programme, Incentive Package for SMEs and many other relief packages.


The latest one is the considerable decrease in the prices of various petroleum products ranging from Rs. 15 to Rs. 30 to further facilitate the public.

The price of petrol has been brought down to Rs. 81.58 per litre after a reduction of Rs. 15 from Rs. 96.58. The price of high-speed diesel has been reduced to Rs. 80.10 per litre after a reduction of Rs. 27.15 from Rs. 107.25.

According to the notification issued, kerosene oil and light diesel will be sold at Rs. 47.44 and Rs. 47.51 per litre respectively.

The new prices will be effective starting midnight, the notification said.

  • It is only because of the Great Imran Khan. I am proud to be in a country with a great leader like Imran Khan.

  • حاطم تائی کی قبر پہ لات مار دی
    جو تیل مفت میں مل رہا ہے وہ بھی 82 روپے میں ملے گا پاکستانیوں کو۔

    • ha bai pani bi to muft milta haa,lakin bottel ka pani leto ho to 60 rupee ku deta hoo..

  • Just want to see Asad Umer and want him to remind his lectures to previous Govt. on these issues. These are liars to the backbone. PTI Govt. will be remembered for all the lies they have told the nation and misguided them.

  • 47 Dollar per barrel par 63 Ruppy liter deny waly chor thy
    11 dollar per berel par 82 Ruppy liter petrol deny waly kiya hain?

  • WHO IS DRIVING THE KEROSINE WALI CAR/VEHICLE? and why is ProPurestani excited about “More Than 30 rs off on KEROSINE” but not Fuming over JUST 15 rs cut on actual FUEL ?

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