UAE Develops a Breakthrough Cure for COVID-19

Researchers at the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center (ADSCC) have claimed to have developed an innovative treatment for COVID-19 that uses stem cells to cure the infection.

According to ADSCC, the treatment involves extracting stem cells from the patient’s blood and reintroducing them in an activated state to the lungs through inhalation of a fine mist.


The mist has a therapeutic effect as it enables the lung cells to regenerate and change the response of the immune system. This stops the immune system from overreacting to the COVID-19 infection and damaging the healthy cells.


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As per the Emirates News Agency (WAM), the treatment has shown promising results in the first stage of clinical trials.

73 moderately or severely ill Coronavirus patients, many intubated in an ICU, in the UAE were administered this treatment along with standard treatment protocols for COVID-19 during this stage. All of those patients made complete recoveries from the infection, stated WAM.

In the coming weeks, further trials of the treatment will be carried out to ascertain its efficacy. Meanwhile, the UAE’s Ministry of Economy has granted a patent to ADSCC for the further development of the promising treatment for COVID-19 disease.

The only downsides to this treatment are the time and resources required for the stem cells but it could work as a stop-gap solution until a vaccine is publicly available.

Via: WAM

  • Any solution that is not scalable isn’t a cure at all for the common people. Don’t give every day that DEPARTMENT has found the cure.

    • So let people die before vaccine is made? Read before your comment? This is a stop-gap solution.

    • So let people die before vaccine is made? Read before your comment? This is a stop-gap solution….

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