4 Corrupt Officials Cost PIA Millions of Rupees in Losses

The unprofessional attitude of a few Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) officials has cost the national carrier a loss of millions of rupees.

The airline’s booking supervisor in Lahore, Asif Zaman, and his colleagues have been interrogated for allowing passengers to fly using old tickets from Lahore to Toronto, Canada.



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As per details, the national airline had postponed the facility of redeemable tickets for special flights run on humanitarian grounds.

Previously, these flights were free, but after massive financial losses, PIA decided to charge for relief flights across the world.

There was a clear instruction from the management that new tickets will be bought in order to avail special flights to travel to and from Pakistan.

However, Zaman allowed several passengers to travel on their old tickets, allegedly in return for financial favors.


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Sources said that the ticket price for special flights is Rs. 275,000, and Zaman and crew allegedly allowed several people to travel on old tickets.

PIA’s vigilance and security department has formally launched an inquiry into the matter and has started questioning the officials

  • Every one buy new tickets is totally wrong decision because those person who’s have already ticket like i live in spain and now im in pakistan with my wife and i have return ticket of pia for spain and due to the crona virus i had canceled my flights and my wife is pregnant of 7th month and she want to go back for the baby documentations and now we have not more money for buy ticket because we already waste 1 more month in pakistan
    and spend all money so now what we can to do? this is just 1 exemple so in the whole world manypakistanis people have these types of finacial problems so govt should take right and positive decisions as early as possible.

  • This is totally wrong thing what Pakistan govt is doing if they are facing financial trouble so then people are too in this .. in this time govt should do something for country and Pakistani people.. if govt can’t do then why they are taking so much funds from foreign countries what govt is doing with that money are they using those funds for thire own families or what ?

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