IT Ministry Forwards Smartphones Manufacturing Summary to ECC

Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication has forwarded a summary to incentivize  smartphones assembly in the country, to ultimately boost manufacturing in Pakistan.

Summary was forwarded to Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Committee (ECC), that may or may not approve the recommendations.

Federal Minister for IT & Telecom, Syed Amin Ul Haque said that locally produced Smartphone availability and affordability is his Ministry’s top priority for growth of telecom sector and achieving high Mobile broadband penetration in the country.

He further observed that beginning with assembly, it was indispensable for the country to build local smartphone manufacturing capability with the objective of increasing foreign direct investment in the country.

Minister said that Pakistan could save foreign exchange on smartphone imports, if assembly is done locally. Additionally, down the line, Pakistan could also earn foreign exchange through export focused local smart phone manufacturing.

Minister said that move will also create employment opportunities for our people while promoting growth of related support industries within the country like packaging material and smartphone accessories etc.

  • It is not the job of the government to manufacture smartphones, but they have to encourage entrepreneurs to do that.

    We all know that Politicians and Bureaucrats will become heads of such organization and will destroy the Facility sooner or later.
    Learn from Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi etc.

    Anyway for Info: I have visited Shenzen in the past. In Shenzen even shops are manufacturing Smartphones. I would advice every Pakistani entrepreneur to search for Shenzen on Youtube and Google and visit that region. That region is like a Silicon Valley for Smartphone manufacturing and design.

  • Dear Team, how can we convey message to the government/authorities regarding mobile tax (PTA registration) during this Covid-19 pandemic crisis situation.
    It is very to manage things when there is no income and businesses are merely not working since last 1.5 month.
    Please bring it in consideration of government or authorities,so that relieve could be granted.

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