Ian Botham’s Statement About Imran Khan Shocks His Own Supporters

Everyone’s aware of Imran Khan’s charisma when he was young. He still looks dapper at the age of 67, especially considering he’s leading an entire nation.

Imran Khan was, and still is, a role model for all young cricketers as many aspire to emulate him on and off the cricket field. People might have their differences with him ever since his political career started, however, he was everyone’s favorite before that.


The players who played alongside him, whether for Pakistan, opposition teams or any other team, all speak very highly of him. He was an individual who left his legacy wherever he went and legendary England all-rounder, Ian Botham, has admitted that Imran was the most charismatic leader and all-round cricketer during his playing days.


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During the time Imran Khan played, players like Sir Ian Botham, India’s Kapil Dev, and New Zealand’s Richard Hadlee were all fan favorites. Botham, however, is of the view that Imran Khan was more charismatic than all the aforementioned stars.


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This is huge considering Ian Botham is generally conservative and whenever he does speak, its usually a controversial statement against other cricketers.

Ian Botham’s fans are also shocked, with tweets ranging from amazement to disbelief.

He revealed this in an online session hosted by Playwrite Foundation, adding that he feels privileged to have played with Imran, Hadlee, and Kapil. Reflecting on his career, he said that the game hasn’t seen as many great all-rounders than during his time. He also said that there used to be great rivalries because of legendary cricketers.

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  • Nothing to be surprised, the last ball ever by Ian in his last test match was in the style of Imran, so he demonstrated his respect in an ultimate way.

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