Prisoner Makes a Sanitization Gate at Karachi Jail in Just Rs. 3,000

A prisoner at the Karachi Central Jail has made a Coronavirus sanitization gate at a nominal price by using leftover equipment inside the prison.

According to details, the inmate built the gate using a compressor of an old refrigerator, a nozzle, and some pipes in just 5 days. The sanitization gate has incurred a cost of just Rs. 3,000.



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The inmate has said that he carefully observed the sanitization gate installed in the jail by the government and constructed another one similar to it.

If the government ensures the supply of more equipment inside the jail, I can prepare more gates and sell them in the market as well.


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In-charge Central Jail has said that the government had installed only 1 sanitization gate at the prison with a total capacity of 2,400. We needed another sanitization gate in the overcrowded prison to ensure the safety of prisoners and staff.

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in the Central Jail as well as 896 out of 3,500 prisoners held there have tested positive for the Coronavirus disease so far.

  • Meanwhile, Sindh government will charge 2 million to Federal Government for this gate built in only 3000 rupees.

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