Microsoft is Forcing Everyone Using Windows 7, 8 & 10 to Install Edge Browser

If there’s an app automatically installed on your system and is giving you prompts to use it repeatedly, it’s normal to expect it to be malware. Not in this case, the intrusive application in question here is Microsoft’s official Edge browser that is automatically installed for Windows 10 users without consent.

Microsoft is not only forcing an automatic update on Windows 10, but it is also giving people full-screen prompts about the new browser. Better yet, these prompts cannot be closed and the only option available is “Get started”. Not to mention that Microsoft Edge can no longer be uninstalled after this update.

This unwanted gift is being presented to Windows 7 and 8 users as well, the older versions of Windows which were not supposed to be supported anymore. It is even forcing shutdowns to install the update for some.

The only justification for this intrusive update is that Microsoft is trying to replace the older version of Edge that comes with Windows 10 with the new Chromium version.

The company wants you to use the best, more secure version of its browser. What’s that? You don’t want to use it? Too bad, you can’t uninstall it either. All you can do is force close Edge and go back to your default browser.

Microsoft is yet to comment on the matter.

  • Not in my case. I myself gave permission to install it. It didnot forced me to install. I have Windows 10 version 1909.

  • Forced or not i tried an its really fast, consume less ram and is battery friendly moreover ui has improved a lot and looks similar to chrome. will recommend to try.

  • I have windows 20H2 and it didn’t forced me to download it. I did it myself and don’t know why people still call it “shitty” it’s better than previous edge as well as google chrome.

  • This totally knackered my laptop earlier this week ! …and after chrome would not run …cheers Microsoft for giving me the option as to weather or not I’d like to install this … Managed after a day of research and deleting registry entries to get chrome back …

  • Glad I never updated to w10…..I’m still running unsupported w7 but protected with malwarebytes premium and the free version of ccleaner….works ok so far.
    Opera is my browser and as soon as Microsoft thrust their unwanted edge on my Acer aio I just went into programs and Un – installed it….It has not come back…..Hooray.

  • As a web developer I’m glad this happens. If they would force everyone to remove IE globally many problems are solved for JS coding.
    I don’t use it and I don’t care about edge but everything that might kill IE sooner or later is welcome

  • To all who are happy with forced edge should try operaGX it has cpu & ram controls built-in. You can control exactly how much cpu or ram it uses.
    It has vpn, pop out video, chrome extensions work great.
    Best of all, doesn’t spy on you like Microsoft.
    But i guess MSsheeps like to be a slave.

  • Install it then forget it being there. LEARN TO IGNORE SOMETHIN’ TOO TECH-FLAKES…….

  • Apple won’t let you uninstall Safari as it is “required by the operating system” and there’s 20+ more apps you can’t remove from the macOS, yet no one complains as much when they force updates or software on people.

    Sure, you may not want to use it and the pop-ups are annoying but if you hate it that much, buy a Mac or use Linux/Unix. IE needs to go away and Edge is their replacement. Get over it

  • adding to this curse, MS Edge also force you to use Ask Search engine at your home instead of Google.

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